Don’t think you’re the only bastard who ever suffered — just write as if  you were.

Don’t think if  you declare yourself avant-garde, your sins will be 

Don’t think you’re special. Stand in a library amid all those poets who thought they were every inch the genius you think you are.

Don’t think regret is 20/20. Regret is myopic. Hope is astigmatic. Trust is blind.

Don’t think what you have to say is important. The way you say it is what’s important. What you have to say is rubbish.

Don’t think you don’t have to read. You read in order to steal. Read more, steal better.

Never wish you were there. Wish you were here.

Don’t break the window before you look at the view.

Don’t eat jargon, because you’ll shit jargon.


William Logan, “The Nude that Stays Nude” (via larmoyante)
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"Be silent in a group of people
See what they reveal to you."

Yoko Ono   (via myinsaneironlung)

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"I am myself. That is not enough."

Sylvia Plath, excerpt from “The Jailer” (via larmoyante)

What is yourself though? There is no set formula for who you are. We are forever changing. And if that is so, can you ever be definitively not good enough when there is always a chance to improve? There is always a way for those who seek it. If you try and keep trying you never exhaust what is possible. The trouble lies with self-improvement. I want it but fail to act. My greatest failure has always been lethargy. But oh gosh I enjoy it. 

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boys, boys, boys  

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shoe quest

Despite the complaints made in my earlier post, I have long been on the lookout for some new shoes. Task easy enough when money is abundant, but mission impossible as soon as you filter out all the pairs above £50. What seems the matter with what you are left with is not as one may expect the quality or variety of choice but the design itself. The cheaper brands simply make uglier shoes. Or rather ones more ordinary. When was the last time you were really dazzled by how fine a shoe is in a high street store? Whenever I look through net-a-porter however, I drool, completely puppy eyed. As my friend has told me once though, money in fashion really need to be an obstacle. Especially not now, with the rise of thrift stores and the look of rugged grunge as the new cool. Those who can and want are really in a position to make something out of nothing, and be all the more impressive for it. 

So with a quick spin over the net here’s what I’ve come up with… 

Naturally, as per usual, my first glance landed on everything black. Is it just my opinion or the universal truth that all looks better in black? If not, then it’s really quite a find. 






And red is always the next port of call. 



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"Dressing in Black and White," photographed by Steven Pan for Vogue Japan August 2013

Perfect line. Watch and learn. 


"Dressing in Black and White," photographed by Steven Pan for Vogue Japan August 2013

Perfect line. Watch and learn. 

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"each man’s hell is in a different place:
mine is just up and behind
my ruined face."

Charles Bukowski (via larmoyante)

I create my own hell 

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hey baby

hey baby

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“Treasured Tinsel” (+) Vogue Thailand, February 2013 photographer: Simon Cave Alina Baikova


“Treasured Tinsel” (+)
Vogue Thailand, February 2013 
photographer: Simon Cave
Alina Baikova

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